Sexperience You Won’t Forget

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I knew she was no virgin, and she knew I wasn’t a newcomer to the game. Still, it was our first night together. I’d engaged her before, but only for a few hours, usually just for company. Yes, I was attracted to her – how could anyone not be, with her looks? – but I hadn’t considered sleeping with her. Until now.

For all the time we’d spent together, there was a bit of first-time awkwardness between us, since we knew I was taking things further than they’d been before. She didn’t mind, and frankly, I did want to see for myself how she looked under those clothes.

No sooner had I taken a few sips of my champagne – courtesy of the hotel – then she stepped towards me, dark eyes smouldering with her sultry gaze. The kiss over dinner had started this, and when our lips met again, it wasn’t the hesitant then inviting contact of earlier. She could tell I wanted her, the way I slid my tongue into her mouth, the way my hands roamed her body.

The clothes came off, except for our underwear; I reached behind her to unhook her bra, using my lips and tongue to tease my way down her neck, earning moans and whimpers in response. Her nipples were starting to perk up, I could feel them against my chest.

She pulled away a bit, a small smile crossing her features; there was no hiding my obvious erection. She yanked down my underwear with one hand, the other reaching to stroke the head. The foreplay was equal parts exploring and titillation, each of us surprising the other.

I finally picked her up, with the wall for extra support; she wound her legs around my waist, and I thrust into her, her back arching as she cried out in sheer pleasure. “You feel so good,” she breathed, voice a husky whisper. “Don’t stop-!”

I didn’t.

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