Give Space Without Drifting Away From Your Partner

Space is an important part in any relationship, as people can feel smothered if they aren’t given enough leeway to do what they need or want to do, or go where they want to go. It’s why some blokes stay single, turning to women like the curvaceous courtesans with Asian Escorts Perth. There are no strings attached, and they get the company – and the sex – that they need, when they need it.

The problem is, some couples know how to give space, but they don’t know how to do so without them drifting apart. It must be said that balancing space and intimacy isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort. So here’s how you can give each other space, but still be happy together.

  1. Remember your needs aren’t the same. You may need more space than your partner – and this is normal. Not everyone needs as much closeness as their peers, so the first thing to remember is to pay attention to your partner’s needs. Then see how they can mesh with your own, or think of how you can compromise.


This includes how often you check up on her. Maybe she’s the type to melt inside whenever she receives a text asking her to call you when she gets to work, or wherever her destination is. Or she’s the type to be resentful when she gets such a text, and thinks you’re being too much.



  1. Don’t give up your individuality. You liked your partner because of who she is, just as she liked you because of who you are. When you start to lose sight of who you are, as a person, that’s a sign you need space. If she tells you she, say, wants to focus on her career, don’t think she’s telling you she wants out. She’s simply saying she needs her space, or she’ll lose sight of who she is.
  2. Don’t do too much together or apart. There’s no perfect formula for this, unfortunately; all you can really do is, spend as much time as you want together, but don’t forget to do things on your own as well. Too much of either space or intimacy, and you’ll drift apart eventually.


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